MacArthur Bay 

        Andrew Macarthur
           & Doctor Kelly Snow
         It was no chance, or idle whim
        That brought the stranger this way
        Asking for directions to a small town
        Nigh, the end of that fateful day.
        For he hoped he'd left his troubles
        With the city crowds and faded suits
        And to MacArthur Bay he'd come
        And sought to trace his roots.

       When they found him lying mugged
        Beside a dusty, country lane
        And discovered, Andrew MacArthur!
        Was thought to be his name
        There were those, within the township
        Who were simply saw amazed
        And from many of the others
        There were awkward questions raised.


          For treatment, he was taken
         To Doctor Kelly Snow
         And Andy dazed, but quite besotted
         Hoped to make a friendship grow.
         From her tender ministrations
         Into the cold, hard light of day
         It was not long before he wondered
         If he really wanted there to stay.

        Into a township in crisis
        Locked in bitter, strong debate
        Andy woke in some confusion
        From his close brush with fate.
        With both sides, so insistent
        Not preparing to give in
        They lobbied for his favour
        Determined they would win.

         Both leaders sought his sanction
        When his heritage was learned
        And harassed him, with a vengeance
        T'ill, peace and comfort's all he yearned.
        Looking for some solace
        To Doctor Kelly, Andy turned
        And sheltered in her presence
        The fires of passion, newly burned.


          The Mayor and Edith Slocombe
         With different visions, were obsessed
         And berated all the townsfolk
         As if they were possessed.
         From this seething cauldron
         Two lovers, silently eloped
         And down at Jimmy's inlet
         Found the sanctuary they hoped.

          When in the arms of his beloved
         Tender Doctor Kelly Snow
         Of the trouble all around him
         Andy, did not want to know.
         For when they gazed o'er the horizon
         Across the calmness of the Bay
         From their solitude, imagined
         Where the gentle dugong play.

Rodd Sherwin    ©

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