Melissa Miller
             and her son Douglas

         When the venerable Fergus
        Settled in MacArthur Bay, of late
        He established quite a fortune
        And considerable estate
        Bequeathing all the township
        To only his male heirs
        The misogynistic bastard, left
        To his female line, no shares.

But fate and time, would mock him
         When none remained to claim his will
         And Melissa, his only bloodline
         Was left this bitter pill.
         She grew up in the township
         With no inheritance to thank
         And married Leslie Miller
         Manager, of the local country bank.


          They lived with their close family
         Douglas, was their only son
         And sent him proudly to the city
         Where his legal studies were begun.
         When Mel and Les grew fearful that
         Their country bank, might soon be closed
         They supported Town Mayor Egan
         And the grand project, he proposed.

         Then a young man came a calling
        And Melissa's self composure shrank
        For his appearance and demeanor
        Were both like.....Somewhat rank!
        When it turned out, this feral creature
        Was in fact, Douglas.....Her son!
        It made Melissa wonder
        Whatever had she done.

         For he'd joined old Edith's protest
        To which the Miller's were opposed
        Until a chance of reconciliation
        All avenues were closed.
        Those Greenies championed dugongs
        But Melissa, up until that date
        Had no idea, that Douglas
        Was so sympathetic to their fate.


          With conflicting strong emotions
         Dictating how she'd act
         Not realising the consequence
         Her rash conduct would attract
         In a web of deceit and blackmail
         Poor Melissa, was embroiled
         And snared by sly Lance Caswell, feared
         Her reputation would be spoiled.

          For now we are left to ponder
         On the outcome of this game
         And for Douglas and Melissa
         If life, would ever be the same.
         As the serial advances
         The story will relate
         Events both real and poignant
         That only history can dictate.

                                  Rodd Sherwin    ©


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