The porcelain throne
       'A frog story' 

 I read in the local paper
The one you all know well
If any of its readers
Had a frog story to tell.
Well, I remember from my childhood
There's one story I recall
About a frog, a Princess
And her precious, golden ball

 The frog, had helped her find it
When it fell into a lake
On a promise, that she'd take him in
That was a big mistake!
For the frog was cold and slimy
She didn't like it in her bed
Without thinking of her honour
Threw it, in the cold old pond instead.
 The moral of this story
Finally came to light
When the frog, thus hardly done by
Came to the Princess, every night
The King, who heard this sorry tale
Bade him live there ever since
And like all fairy stories
The frog became her Prince.

 By now, you may be wondering
Why this story comes to mind
For many of these old fables
Are now quite hard to find
But just last month, my wife and I
Came to Morayfield, to dwell
Along the verdant river bank
By Captain Whishs' Well.

 In this tranquil setting
We soon felt quite at home
Forsaking all those urges
That made us want to roam
But it soon became apparent
We did not reside alone
For some other throaty critter
Was at home, inside the throne.
 A green and handsome tree frog
Had beat us to this patch
And within his private sound-shell
Had a baritone to match.
I'm fond of Nature's creatures
But generally not to meet  

When visiting the privy
And sitting smugly on the seat.

 I was given a strong message
That I'd better quickly act
For a green frog underneath a skirt
Was surely lacking tact.
I hoped he'd take some notice
When I marched him down the hill
But next day came a concert
From within the porcelain sill.

 The mystery, was how he got there
As we'd carefully shut all the doors
And there wasn't any ingress
From underneath the floors.
With much stronger purpose
I grabbed him from his hallowed tank
And not thinking of the Princess
Flung him, from the river bank.


 Yes! I bet you've guessed it
Next day, back to make amends
Was one very clever tree frog
Or a plague of all his friends.
For days I ran a shuttle
Down to the river side
And the wretched green amphibian
Didn't seem to mind the ride.

 I was getting quite a complex
Outwitted by a frog!
But I swear this bug-eyed Romeo
Was smarter than the dog.
So I put him in a large glass bottle
With more respect than for a toad
And drove him for a mile or so
To a pond beside the road.


 At last the house was quiet again
Now that we were alone
Though I hoped the frog would fare alright
Without his private throne.
I should not have bothered on that score
As a week, right to the day
An echo croaking through the night
Announced, 'I'm back to stay'.

 That's it! I'll have no more of this
Remember the large glass jar?
And dangling by a leg, he groaned
'This time I've gone too far'.
For without a further bye or leave
I jumped into the car
And drove right down the Bribie road
And dumped him, on a sandy bar.

 So what! .. of that Fable's moral
Was I right, or had I done wrong?
I have no feelings of remorse
And the wife's pleased that I was strong
But that story keeps on haunting me
And I've worried, ever since
That should he come back one more time
He might become ... a Prince!

                           Rodd Sherwin   ©
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