scarborough fair

 Before the time of Brisbane's birth
When the pioneers came, to till the earth
The place to which they were sent
To establish a first settlement
Was mapped out, before they ventured forth
A site thirty miles to the city's north.

 First spied from Flinder's trusty barque
And in latter days, by the 'Cutty Sark'
Were the red cliffs, that marked the ground
Of the landing place that they had found
But in fact, those red cliffs discovered there
Were the beckoning shores of Scarborough Fair.
 Of the inhabitants, who roamed the land
And their folk-lore, old as drifting sand
Their native days of dreaming passed
For in colonial times, they just couldn't last
And the ancient culture, at what a cost
For two whole centuries, was lost.

 For years the landscape underwent
A time of rapid development
And the focus of that urban spread
Was up-river, to its verdant watershed.
Our first settlement, languished along the way
A place to go camping, or for a holiday.

 Theme parks soon became the trend
And to North and South, their growth extend
Surfers Paradise became the toast
While tourists discovered the Sunshine Coast
Scarborough was left alone to dream
And to ponder, on how things might have been.

 In some respects, Scarborough was blessed
And not affected, like all the rest
The sea-side suburb remains serene
And the Bay's as pretty as she's ever been
Her basic values have survived
And our culture here, will be revived.

 It will not be the lure of neon lights
Or the call to more exotic sights
That bring the people back to see
The way our lifestyle used to be
For its simple pleasures, you all will share
When next you visit Scarborough Fair.

 Memories of an historic past
From the days men sailed before the mast
Recount the tradition and the legacy
Of those simple things you have come to see
When Scarborough again, has its part to play
In the history and culture, of our day.

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