The town of yester-year

       Its a pleasant drive through Dayboro
      At any time of the year
      To a place where time stood still it seems
      Since our pioneers settled here.

       When you pass down William Street
      Just pause and linger near
      Look in the quaint old rustic stores
      Soak up their atmosphere.

       You'll find the weathered old facades
      Are not some thin veneer
      But a reflection of a life-time past
      When our world was more sincere.

      There are no crowds to wear you down
      And the country air is clear
      What better place, to rest a-while
      For lunch and a glass of beer.

       Then if you like what you have seen
      Maybe, find some souvenir
      Of that little place called Dayboro
      The town of yester-year.

Rodd Sherwin    ©

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