In these times that are tough

And the whole world’s had enough

Here’s a melody written … just for you

Although without any words was it written

For this story is all about you

So tell it with pride

And with God by your side

This melody will help   see you through.


So each day, after day, after day, after day

Let it play and let it play, let it play, let it play…….
And while humming resolutely….

 Shut all your windows

And close all your doors

And in your isolation

Strengthen that resolve

For although now at it’s worst

It may appear that we’re all cursed

So by staying the course

We shall all then soldier forth …..


Perhaps now and then

As some doubt filters in

That through theses long days

And while your melody plays

You’ll have time to reflect

How you are blessed in other ways


Now before the end

There’s a message here for you to send

That you are never alone

Or left to fight on your own

For not far out of sight

You will find a guiding light

Across that bridge of time

And to your own rhyme….

Throw open your windows

And fling wide your doors

Then sing forth your story

Hear the echo forming ……


It’s echoing, echoing, echoing, echoing

It’s echoing, echoing, echoing, echoing …


Although faint at first

It will spread around the Earth

And we shall all join as one

Until this marathon’s run

For we will know in the end   we have won

Nothing more will be left to be done

And we shall all come on through

Making sure that we do

For the birds are still singing in the trees

And the Spring blossom is blooming in

The morning

While this World keeps on turning and turning

And should this melody end

Well - just play it again

And know all you foretold

Has come true …..


…. it was all for you.


Lyrics by
Rodd Sherwin


Written to the music of

Composed under the same title
‘Your Melody’

by Jacob Ladegaard


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