They came from a troubled realm

Where rights of man and hope were gone

Were they wrong to search for a promised land

When they sailed across the endless seas

For a better life for their families.

Where on a distant shore

And in a strange new place

They claimed the ground where they settled down

And for their salvation they ‘Praised the Lord’

Through the pain, the hardship

And their rough toil

That better life was their reward

And so with time hereafter their Colony grew

And they ventured out to pastures new.


Were they wrong?    Was it wrong

When they cut down the trees and to build their homes

So through the course of time

Their scattered numbers grew

Spread out in all the townships too.

Were they wrong?    so wrong

For they kept wanting more

And so went they out to search, explore

Into a world untamed …. not seen before

And they found gold

Yes gold!  …… yellow gold ………


Of all the Peoples of this promised place

They watched these men of foreign face

Come desecrate their sacred bounds

All their tribal sites and their hunting grounds

What should they do but to retaliate

Were they wrong?  Wrong

To fight for their Territory

To preserve their pride and their dignity

And drive them back to the ocean shore.


And so it was that the wars began

That struck fear into the heart of every man

Until as one they prayed ‘Dear Lord’

‘Please spare us from this savage horde’.


Where they wrong?.


are lyrics written
as an interpretation by
Rodd Sherwin
of music from


to a piece composed by

Jacob Ladegaard

Titled  ‘A Winter Melody’.