Wandering …………….

Wander through the wide meadows

To while away lifes woes

Come across a peaceful brook

As its silent water flows

Meander on the bank downstream

To find out just where does it go

And there stands a sad old bridge

That remains from long ago


Cross onto the other side

It really tempts you so

Venture on the creaky boards

Discover what’s on show

A bush path lying straight ahead

Where it leads – I bet you’d like to know?

Sunlight dappling through the trees

Across that pathway glows.


Stride on down the track, around a bend

What else would you propose

Wander onto a secluded trail

Still following your nose

A path now steeped in mystery

The deeper that you wander in

To a darker place where everything

All around you close and grows

Beside your elbows

 All around you close - so densely close

Quietly now, do not disturb

All those wilder things

That lurk within

And through the day repose.

Creeping, creepy, creep along

Until there is the sky again

And a wide expanse of the sea

With sunlight sparkling from the waves

Such a welcome sight to see.


Wander down onto the beach

As a gentle sea breeze blows

Barefoot along the water’s edge

With the sand between your toes

Watch as all the sea birds soar

And the gentle wash upon the shore

Only fading footsteps can disclose

The path your wandering chose.

Lyrics written by
Rodd Sherwin

 to music from


A melody titled - ‘Wandering’

composed by

Jacob Ladegaard.