From Old Gayndah town or somewhere around

Came a young lass called Taylor Mac.

To study it’s clear, so to forge a career

Determined to make Ma and Pa proud

Having left the old farm, the tractor and barn

and all kinds of citrus fruit

She brought all her loot with her port in the boot

And a hat full of her country charm.


In a Jag limousine, she appeared on our scene

With ‘P’ plates stuck onto the screen

A little bizarre - Well it was George Evan’s car

But young Taylor’s in charge of it now

Now George is our mate with a lot on his plate

So we are all very grateful to her

She rules his whole life like a true country wife

I suppose that’s how all women are.

George’s house is a shrine and for such a long time

With rooms full of aeroplane kits

He has Taylor trained and also explained

Where to stick all the intricate bits

So by way of thanks, in conjunction with ‘Tatts’

They offered to take her on high

‘‘Well, I’ve watched you all fly and the huge helpings of ‘pie’

So, not now” was her humble reply.

She has these long legs, and those shapely young pegs

Stretch down to the soles of her shoes

They really look great, like her famous ‘Namesake’

Who plays for the Carlton ‘Blues’

So in cahoots she sometimes dons boots

Because she’s a player of AFL too

While they thought it a shame, “That’s not our ‘biff’ game”

Good old ‘Aussie Rules’ always shines through.


Without realising how, she’s a part of us now

Despite the generational gaps

And although we now know, a thing about her or so

She turns up with some persona anew

With some sienna hue, she’s dyed her hair too

Could it be ‘Cat Jane Fonda Ballou’?

The false eye lashes bat, ‘neath an oversize hat

We wonder what next she might do.




Now I know all your names and your favourite games

That evolved through the mystery of time

You gather together like birds of one feather

Cloned out of some strange gaming zoo

Who’ve not been in their prime

For such a crazy long time

Heck! Even ‘Poppy’s years younger than you.


And so it’s resolved, your rituals evolved

From some earlier century

Developing rites that descended from kites

And in proving to you all that it’s true

When let off your tether, in any old weather

It’s something your wives always knew

A bunch of silly old farts, but with very big hearts

Who will always spare their time for you.




Well, so at our age, the world is a stage

And we live for the moment or two

Though it may be our pleasure,

We can’t stay together

And then you’ll run off with someone new

Some handsome young buck

With a very large truck

And there’s nothing we old flyboys can do.


To such magnificent men

It comes as a revelation when

Regardless of whatever we do

No matter how clever, we can’t fly forever

But the whole world’s waiting for you

With so much to give

And a lifetime to live

May all of your dreams come true -

Just for you.


                                        Rodd Sherwin

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