As it was in the beginning

When man had just begun

There thrived a global reverence

For the mystery of the sun.

This overwhelming presence

For what it may be worth

Was seen to be the source of

All life upon this Earth.


On this bold perception

Simple people could agree

And so began the concept

Of one great Deity.

Thus throughout the ages

Religion was defined

Developing a concept

Of the Maker of mankind.

The human race would flourish       

And disperse across this Earth

While the many scattered Nations

Developed ideals more diverse

Religious tenets fractured

As prophets, kings decreed

And from disenchanted factions

Many cults began to breed


Fed by the insecurity

And the frailty of man

Each preached a gospel according to

The teachings of their clan

But however we may praise Him

And whatever be his Name

Its clear all Faith is based on 

Fundamentals all the same

Despite the vast disparity

In colour, tongue and creed

The world has since contracted

And by now we should concede

Although in every person lies

A Sacred Soul within

Of underlying flesh and blood

Each man is born akin.

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Verse Summary

No matter the convictions

Cemented in our youth

Every single one of us

Shall one day face the truth

When on that final journey

To whence it all begun

We are just a minute part of

That Mighty Power of One


            Rodd Sherwin