Julia pledged allegiance
To our hapless Elma Fudd
But with the faceless factions schemed
Nipped his mandate in the bud
And then declared profoundly
‘There’ll be no tax on carbon under me’
But for Green support her Judas goat
Corralled us up a tree.

If she puts a price on carbon
And a new tax is to be our fate
Its time we took more notice
Entered into this debate.
We have all embraced technology
Which for so long have aspired
And have no plans to forego
All the things that we’ve acquired.

They play upon our conscience
With the threat of climate change
But to really make an impact
Our way of life must re-arrange
And if we made the sacrifice
Hoped that others followed suit
It would make such little difference
That the questions surely moot.
But although we’re all just learning
Penny’s got the wheels a turning.


A Tax on Carbon! - Really!
How in heaven will that help?
More jobs! - Indeed there’d be some
All bureaucratic whelps.
We’d consume as much as ever
(But the cost would simply soar)
Except for those new unfortunates
Now numbered with the poor.
Bob! What would the world be gaining
As at home our lights are waning?

To become so impoverished
That production lines would stall
Sure, then the greenhouse gases
From this land, at least, might fall.
But the world would no doubt snigger
As those cushy jobs were gained
While from productive industry
See all honest labour drained.
Does Peter want us squirming
While our beds are burning, burning?

Do not think us negative
Our heads buried in the sand
We’d get behind initiatives
Constructively well planned.
Clean up our fossil industry
Expand our research - Please!
Then get back to basics
And plant a lot more trees.


Fuel cells for motor cars?
And also - dare I say?
New age nuclear energy
Might still just save the day.
But the Bill that is before us
Makes such little sense
That you really have to wonder
If its all a great pretence.

For they’ve spent the family silver
And the coffers have run dry
So a cynic has to question
Is it really, just a lie?
Dressed up in a sheep‘s clothing
To create in us some doubt.
Of ulterior motives
For what this tax is all about.

We are told its not a money grab
And will all be handed back
Compensation will be granted
For those abandoned down the track.
So what can be their purpose?
Oh Silly - I forgot!
Defer those payments for just a year
Leaving billions in the pot.

©   Rodd Sherwin



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