The artist in us all

 In these days, when we are swamped
With high technology
Overwhelming senses
Not allowing us to see
The many aspects of our art
That surely have to be
The very fabric that comprise
Our lives' rich tapestry.

 We can all recall, the favourite songs
That lift our spirits high
Or the stories, from some author's pen
Causing us to cry
The poignant lines of poetry
That evoke an inner sigh
And the great works of the Masters
That are treasures for the eye.

 With such a wealth of culture
I'm told ... sadly by some
A sorry tale, a lame lament
What else! .. is there come?
The deception, is of course to think -
In the past ... its all been done -
Within the boundaries of your mind
This journey's just begun.

 When daily routine can dictate
How life quickly passes by -
Perhaps you should participate -
Do you know the reason why?
Well! There's an artist in us all
And for those of you who try
Will often find fulfillment
And sometimes touch the sky.

 If at first, you don't succeed
There's no need to be depressed
It may take time to find
With which talent, you've been blessed
But if one man's creativity
Should ever be suppressed
The risk is that he could become
A clone - of all the rest.

 Challenge life .... be in it!
Don't be afraid to speak
For it really doesn't matter
If your expressions are oblique.
You'll surely find in whatever kind
Of company you might seek
That every single one of us
Is in some special way, unique!

 There's a certain satisfaction -
Some, may even call it fun
To 'Paint your wagon', for the world
Shining proudly in the sun
And then to exit from the stage
When our dance on earth has run -
To have left a footprint in the sand
And to know the race was won.           

Rodd Sherwin   ©

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