On that… new day

When we set out on life’s highway

The first thoughts that filter in

They are of a Mother’s caress

That special tenderness

So to begin

From that day we are born

Memories… we are building memories

First impressions of a new world

They might be some little thing, just forming within

Oh, any little thing, for that’s just to begin

Like your first puppy

On the beach running free

Or it may even happen more clandestinely

Perhaps some secret tryst

And that first stolen kiss

Just a pure moment of bliss

That overwhelm us

Then linger with us

Something sublime, these special memories

Just fleeting moments in time

And although they stray behind us

Will always remind us

Of a new milestone….. another milestone

They is set in place…  that you can retrace

And so as time passes by

And a new chapter’s ushered in

More tales are told, new memories unfold

When your heartstrings are torn

As your first baby is born

And when the church bells all ring

Proudly ring at that new christening

A new memory’s locked in

And so our life is defined

By these precious moments in time

Until the whole story’s been told

As we have grow old


These magic moments

These magic moments

That will all live on, over and over…..

Over and over

And they will all then be shared, over and over

Within the bosom of the family

Until Grandpa regales how

They might be fairy tales now

But some memories held deep within

Remain a very private thing

Always they stay, forever locked away

And so you may say

Our whole world at the last

Becomes the dreams of our past.


'These Magic Moments'
Lyrics by
Rodd Sherwin

To the composition


By Jacob Ladegaard
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