In a land oppressed by the Tyrant

And when his Nobles took over their lands

With their rights sorely suppressed

Trodden down, trodden down,trodden down ....


There arose the son of a Lowland Knight

To avenge what they had done to his bride

He sacked Lanark

For a rebellion was to start

And here the die was cast

The Clans all rallied round him

To deploy in the North

And they faced old Longshank’s army

With this crude warrior force

There they routed it’s course

On that bridge o’er the Forth

And Scotland tasted freedom again

While Wallace was made Guardian over all of the land.


Now a new army was amassing

Led by King Edward himself

Through the barb of his longbow

From the charge of heavy horse

And abandoned by the Barons

On the fields of Falkirk

Fell all those brave Scotsmen

A broken Wallace was carried away and lay

Safe in the Glens.

Seen now as brigands on the run

The wild William Wallace fought on

In revenge of his fallen men

He struck again and then again

Defying all attempts to stalk and so to capture him

Through the love of a Princess

In her ivory tower

He avoided all the traps they had laid

Evading their hands time after time ....

At the very last, betrayed by the Bruce

Shackled and bound

There he was taken down

To face the Longshank’s wrath

Condemned to die on the scaffold

To be rent by fire and the knife

When torn limb from limb

Came the stirring ‘FREEDOM’ cry……


So his cause would never die

Though they saw his spirit fly

Now his name will live on, live on

Still lives on.


Lyrics written by
Rodd Sherwin

to an arrangement of theme music
from the movies 'Braveheart' and 'Titanic'

by Jacob Ladegaard
as a tribute to the late
James Horner