THE STORY (Retold)


And it came to pass, that a Carpenter’s son

When His destined journey at first begun

He chanced across down by the sea

A long time ago in Galilee

Andrew, Peter, James and John.

The Brothers who were called upon

While casting fish nets on the tide

To cast them on the other side

And so it was, that they first heard

Him preach the Gospel and the Word

That they should rise and follow Him

And so become Fishers of Men -


And when it came a stormy night

To ease them through their troubled plight

He calmed the waves grown ever higher

Standing there - Was this the One?

The Lamb of God, the new Messiah

Sent that we might see the light

And guide us through the stormy night


So they went and left their boat

And to this faith their lives devote

And pass the message that it might reach

All those who gathered on that beach.


Along the way of the road that lay ahead

Across the land His name and fame were spread

So unto Him they came in droves

And He fed them with two fishes and five loaves.

He spoke in parables of a World as one

Of a way of life and of Kingdom come.

He healed the sick among all of those who came

And restored their sight and cured all the lame

Onto Jerusalem, on triumphant course

Riding on a donkey, and not upon a horse

They praised His way, singing loud Hosannas

With palm fronds strewn and waving as their banners

So now that they had come and travelled South

He came to pray at his Father’s House

A place of worship for all who believe

But finding there - a ‘den of thieves‘

He denounced them all   right to their face

And drove them out and from this Holy place


To some with different views

This all was disturbing news

For already they had heard

Of a coming King of Jews

Questioned by the Pharisees

And their brother Sadducees

Who scorned him with derision

And laid false charges of sedition


Although at Gethsemane He Prayed

In the garden there He was betrayed

And from that place He was taken forth

Leaving Judas wracked with remorse


And so it was His trials begun

Mocked and scorned by all and one

Off to Pilate first He went

And onto Herod’s Court He was sent

But neither Herod Antipas

Nor the Roman Governor

Could prove how to support their claims

Or why he was brought before them in chains

And yet He was scourged and whipped to please

Both Caiaphas and Pharisees

For all those who wished Him dead

Set a crown of thorns upon His head

While inciting the mob to cry

To the Cross and crucify

So it was - his fate had been ordained


On the road they came to see

A cross born to Calvary

A stark silhouette against the sky

The faithful sadly sighed and many of them cried-

‘How could this be - The end!’


Though this was not meant to be

Poor sinners can’t you see

A new beginning - not the end

For on the third day

The sealing stone was rolled away

For He had risen

The Resurrection and the Eternal Life’.

And with an Angelic Host

He ascended –  with his Father

And the Holy Ghost.
Written by Rodd Sherwin
to the music of Pachelbel's Canon