Over that wall but far away from it all

Pixies dwell … maybe Fairies as well

It’s a kind of Neverland

You might not understand

Under the spell of Tinkerbell

Where you’ll never grow old

As your dreams unfold

It’s true… or so I’ve been told.


Venture there, if you dare

To that secret garden waiting over that wall

Silently waiting there…

Waiting there over the wall

Waiting there… waiting there… waiting there…..


Under it’s spell, can’t you tell

All your cares they say, are washed away

And in this enchanted place, filled with beauty and grace

Where you are never alone

With the little creatures at home

And you are welcome to stay

Throughout the day

And let all your troubles unwind

To leave them far behind, out of mind

Just waiting for time to stand still

Come here to surely find that it will.

Close your eyes and fantasize

What here before you lies

Nobody knows unless he goes

So why compromise

Come look around, look around

What have you found, what have you found

Peace of mind, peace of mind

You’re sure to find, sure to find


Fly away… fly away… flay away………

Yes you can… Yes you can… Yes you can…

Just like Peter Pan… to Neverland… to Neverland… to Neverland………

Believe that you can… believe that you can

To another land… another land…

In time and space, time and space, into space….


Let the feeling grow… and never let go

For once you’re here

There’s nothing to fear

And you are now at peace

All your troubles cease

Here to stay, forever this way

And so let your memories stray

For it’s not far away

Why don’t you come and join me today?

Come what may, what do you say?

Come and fly with me, fly with me over that wall

There’s a secret garden and it’s waiting there over that wall.

The lyrics to
are an interpretation by
Rodd Sherwin
of Jacob Ladegaard's
original composition
under the title