Take heart, far out now

On this long journey

Outward bound, for a new discovery

Bound for some promised land

On a great Quest

For our Queen and our country


Sail on

Lay the sails on

From the yardarm

May the wind blow strong

Lay the beam on

Drive us well along

Through another dawning

To whatever lies beyond


Yearning - what is this yearning

Loved ones, left far behind

Will we ever see them again

Or shall the Fates forebode

There will be no returning.


Wind blow

Along this course we go

Reach for, the far horizon

By the stars guide

To that far horizon

Night after night

Chase them on and on and on

Ooh  ooh  oooh

Whatever lies beyond

Don’t let the doubts grow

Keep their minds all strong

But what if ……

They were all wrong


Land Ho!

I see Land Ho

A safe harbour

A final destination

In this sheltered cove

Praise the Lord,  Oh!

For salvation, let him know

Furl the sails home

Let the anchor go.


Written by
Rodd Sherwin
to music composed by
Jeremy Williams