Rising early in the morning

As a brand new day is dawning

Did you watch the flaming Sun

In all it’s glory as the day begun

Spread it’s golden rays throughout the clouds one by one

While rising from the glowing horizon

Hand over to the vivid light of day

Shining down on all Nature on display


And did you hear the Robin sing

To herald the brand new day begin

With the Sun rays filtered through the dappled trees

And the shadows animated by the breeze

Highlighting the colour of all things

Reflecting off the butterflies bright wings

And did you marvel that this all was done

By the magic light of the Sun

Interrupted by an unexpected shower

Refreshing all the colours of the flowers

While a rainbow forms up above

In all those pastel shades that we love

And through raindrops left hanging in the trees

The fading light is glistening as it leaves

Then comes the mystery of the night

A billion stars with tiny points of light


That twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, twinkle

Sparkle, twinkle – Yes always

They twinkle, twinkle, twinkle through the night

While the silent moon is rising oh so bright

Moon glow shining through the window

On your pillow

As you close your eyes.

Lyrics by
Rodd Sherwin

Written to the melody ‘Light’


Composed by

Jacob Ladegaard.