Nobody wants to say goodbye

Because nobody wants to cry

And so you go on living

Or are you pretending

Nobody asks you why?

How a true love could ever die

So you just go on denying

For you just want to go on believing

Day after day


And you have to pass that time of day

Hiding all those silent fears away

So you hold on to

As you want to…  all you hope to


Holding on for just another day

And hoping that you will not stray


Holding on to all of those good things

Trying to ignore the wild mood swings

Every day now… every day now… every day now


And it’s always just the same again….

Again…. Again


But in the morning… more sober

You know…. You know now

It’s over…… it’s all over

And on that final day

When there is no more for you to say

The bags are packed

And the taxi is waiting…  in the drive

So this is to be goodbye

Though no one was meant to cry

How do you hold it all in?

When the whole of your heart is breaking

Silently breaking


How will your heart let go?

Of someone who loved you so

Not knowing where to begin

Repairing the hurt deep within

And how does a new life begin?

After you have lost everything

The lonely nights pass on by

Since that last goodbye

The house is an empty shell

Where only painful memories dwell

All because we said goodbye

And not Farewell…..


Lyrics by Rodd Sherwin

To the melody ‘Goodbye’

Composed by

Jacob Ladegaard
from the playlist of