Something is happening out there

You can feel it in the air

Those long Summer days no longer care

The colour’s fading from all the leaves

As they lose their verdant shade of green

And are shrouded in an early morning mist

Breaking up as on it drifts

The Sun rays now shining through

Are sparkling off of the newly settled dew.

A new…. day…. has…. begun….


Now what was once a shady canopy of green

Becomes a very different fairy scene

In new colours of a red and yellow hue

Even orange with some purple in it too

So when the harvest has all been done

And the corn’s all stored away

There will be time for some Autumn fun…

But the poor squirrel has no more time to play

He just has to store those nuts today

Before the harsh Winter comes

And all the creatures of the forest and the fields

Are in some kind of feeding frenzy

They know the good times cannot last

You can sense their urgency…..

And the wild geese take off with the wind

They have no cause to stay

They are bound for more clement days

In some land far away

And we are left standing here

To while the time of day

Make the most of the last balmy days


…. Oh so slow drifting on down

Fragile snowflakes  waft gently round and round

And now those fallen Autumn leaves

Lie all matted on the ground

No longer heard their rustling sound

They are now all stripped from off all the trees

No more wafting, floating lazy on the Autumn breeze

And so those falling days are done

Another Winter has begun

And we are all snuggling in a comfy chair

Roasting chestnuts around a warm fire.

Lyrics by

Rodd Sherwin

to the melody

An Autumn Melody


composed by

Jacob Ladegaard