A lonely shattered soldier

Surveys the battle ground

He struggles hard to comprehend

The death, destruction all around

The cry for God and Country

Had led him to this fray so far away

To fight for God and Country

He was told would win the day.


So rally round Boys

Rally round Boys

Hold onto the ground Boys

Don’t look around Boys

There’s no backing down Boys

We’re all bound for glory, then onto glory

Always the same sad story


Why will it never end

When will it ever end

Only time can tell

Have we learned the lesson well

So in peace to dwell


Throughout history

It has been our destiny

Obey the martial sound

Onto the battleground

For their honour bound

Straight into the guns

To sacrifice our sons


For all those fine young men

Who would never come home again

What should we do but remember them


On Hallowed ground

We laid them down

To rest in peace

That they be free for eternity

For all those lost souls left lying there

They were some Mother’s much loved sons

Their duty done, ‘for Kingdom come

We will remember them.


On their last parade, forever laid

In endless lines

Some thousand times

In different climes

All around this Earth

Were they given birth

And in the setting Sun

With their race now run

Their time has come

For eternal peace and silence won.


A solitary soldier

Stands upon a lonely hill

The strains of his bugle call

Are heard and haunting still……


Written by Rodd Sherwin

To music from JACOB’S PIANO

A composition titled


By Jacob Ladegaard