With music ever present

Through our time upon this earth

No doubt we would have listened

Most probably, since birth.

As Mothers, they employ it

While still within their keep

To soothe us in the cradle

With a lullaby to sleep.


Background music playing

As we employ the time of day

Helping to relax us

At work, or when at play

And in a time of sorrow

It can fill that empty hole

To ease away the heartache

And soothe a troubled soul.


Who then, can remember

Back to the world of jive?

The age of huge rock concerts

Where the bands were playing live.

And somewhere in a lifetime

Most everybody has

Spent their time on listening

To outrageous modern jazz.

There is nothing quite as stirring

As a military brass band

And to watch the soldiers marching

To the anthems of their Land.

Under country banners

Young hearts are often bound

And answer the loud calling

Of the trumpets marshal sound.


When turning to religion

A great organ calls us in

To join the Gospel singing

Or listen to a well known hymn.

Evolving from those Gospel songs

The ‘Rhythm and Blues’ were traced

And with everyone ‘boot scooting’

Country music’s firmly based.


Within our world of music

There lies a massive store

While all the while creating

Yet one more music score.

So very many genres

That comprise pop music themes

While some are so familiar

We can sing them in our dreams.

As the years slip by us

We are often more inclined

To seek the great composers

And music more refined.

To listen to a symphony

In some historic music hall

Undoubtedly for some folk

The most memorable of all.


To listen to the old songs

That recount nostalgic times

Regaling all the grandkids

With much loved nursery rhymes.

Then in lifes final sunset

Saint Peter knocking at our door

There will always be just time for

One final grand encore.


             Rodd Sherwin


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