Born to one, George Fuller

A Bastard of a child

Perhaps that was the portent

Of a life spent running wild.

He was arrested at an early age

Larceny and livestock theft

The Judge duly sent him down

To the prison hulk Success


Released as a Ticket Man

He finally came back

And very soon was known as

Young Down the River Jack.

While adopting this persona

He maintained his life of crime

‘Till they finally wounded him

Disappearing down the line.


By the new name, Daniel Morgan

The bushranger ventured out

A manic highway raider

With his sanity in doubt.

He committed violent outrage and

Convinced he was to blame

The folk around now labelled him

Mad Dog’ - such was his fame.

His rugged hirsute features

Sharp eyes and long hooked nose

Did little to alleviate

His hapless victims woes.

The sudden night intrusions

Appeared rudely in this way

A Mad Dog with the posture of

A fearsome bird of prey.


Possessed by an obsession

Upon an oath he swore

To cross the River Murray

Settle up on an old score.

While on this road to vengeance

It was thought they heard him say

Tis the end for that cur Evans sure

This Dog will have his day.


Accused of several murders

And robbery by stealth

He bailed up mail stage coaches

And homes of men of wealth.

He became a hunted outlaw

With a huge price upon his head

Until they finally tracked him down

Found where his trail had led.

Stalked by Johnny Windlaw

Who shot Dan in the back

The Mad Dog Morgan died there

Unaware of their attack.

Herein lies an irony

Daniels life should end this way

But that is how the adage goes

Each Dog must have it’s day.



             Rodd Sherwin


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