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Across the Nullabor
  By Horse and Morse
  Clermont Flood
  Farewell the Bushies
  Fisher's Ghost
  Mount Mulligan Disaster
  On Fraser
  Ordeal of Modesto Varaschetti
  Starry Sky
  Sultan Punjab
  The Hunt
  The Palmer
  The Sound of Silence
  To Walk in Venice

  This is the first publication of this collection of 'classic' Australian bush poetry written by the late Clarry Dunstan a long time resident of Scarborough, in Queensland, Australia. His verse contains stirring depictions of various historic incidents and events and include several romantic and fanciful interludes.
I was priveliged to be shown an old manuscipt of his verse which held hidden some of the best poetry I have read. The poems are reproduced  and shared in this domain with the kind permission of  his family.    -
  Rodd Sherwin

  Copyright on this work permits the retention of all or any part of the verse for the personal library of the viewer but prohibits reproduction for sale or distribution in any manner.

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