Come home to roost

          On Scarborough Beach, in ninety five
       We noticed Charlie first arrive
       Three years he perched in his cabinet home
       That bird was not inclined to roam.
       For although you'd never see him fly
       He'd talk to every passer by
       And so we thought, he seemed content
       In the lovely seaside environment.
        Alas, one black night in ninety eight
       Some feckless rogues, ordained his fate.
       We were not sure, if an escape was staged
       Or if he'd simply been en-caged?
       As time passed, I later heard
       A man say, 'At Margate, I've seen that bird!'
       And so many times he'd been mistook
       For a familiar posture on the Hornibrook.

        After that, the trail went cold
       And until much later, the tale unfold.
       New tenants, to Margate came around
       And in the tenement, was Charlie found.
       His finer qualities, they had ignored
       In fact, they made him their notice board
       Set up on a light pole, for all to hale
       And to beckon folk to a garage sale.
         His indignity, was plain for all to see
       Lying upside down, against a tree.
       But pedigree, can't be denied
       In this pitiful state, was Charlie spied
       By a discerning lady, who made a bid
       All she paid, was just four quid!
       A bargain, she thought, she had gained
       But for the price of being framed.

        The quote, you see, her senses floored
       So in her garage, was Charlie stored.
       Later when she took three months leave
       Charlie gained a new reprieve
       He was billeted with her Asian friends
       But this is not where the story ends.
       He sat on their front porch, in the blazing sun
       Played with the children and had lots of fun.

        When Charlie's lady came home from abroard
       She set his fortunes, to be restored
       For she had decided again, to frame his plume
       And to make him a feature, of her living room.
       So off to the Framer Charlie went
       Prepared for his special refurbishment
       But while he waited against the wall
       His old friend, Tricia, chanced to call.


        'Charlie! ...What are you doing here?
       And why on earth did you disappear?'
       The circumstances, she thought she knew
       And quickly called the Boys in Blue.
       'Charlie' - she said, 'Come home to roost
       It would give our morale a welcome boost'.
       At Scarborough Fair, we all rejoiced
       And yelled 'Three Cheers'  for Tricia Reust.

      Charlie's old beach has been freshly cleaned
       And all his feathers are neatly preened.
       Now should You covet Charlie for your very own
       And have an urge, to take him home
       Be sure to make your credentials sound
       This pelican is renowned, for miles around.
       As for Charlie! ... He thinks it all a farce
       And he's just content to scratch his #### !.

Rodd Sherwin   ©



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