On a mundane Monday

Waking to a dull day

When all around are shades of grey

And through those week days

That all seem such pale days

I’m just working to collect my pay

But not on my fun day

And never on Sunday

The whole world is out there

Wonderful and new

And …. It all seems so boundless

The beauty that astounds us

Forming the colours in my mind


Look around and you will see

The blossom covered trees

And butterflies flutter, flutter, flutter

fluttering on the breeze

While wafting on the breeze

Over the colours of the flowers in the fields

Down past the shore sands

Through the shallow coral of the seas

Darting fish swimming… among anemones …..

So now when skies are grey

You’ll find all those bright colours

Are stored away

To replay .. to replay .. to replay and to replay

At any time of the day


Hence on Monday

Right through to Friday

I can draw on all those colours

That are in my mind

For once ingrained there

Forever remain there

Evoking an image any time of day

Aurora Borealis forever surrounds us

To replace those pallid shades of grey


And …. It’s always a pleasure

All the music that we treasure

Playing while we pass the time of day away

While the orchestra’s diminuendo

Rises to a crescendo

Creating a kaleidoscope deep into your mind …


Then through the night at slumber

The stars dreaming under

You draw on all those colours of the mind

In your mind.


are Lyrics by

Rodd Sherwin

Written to the music of
composed under the same name
by Jacob Ladegaard