Once was a time on my own

When my garden was all overgrown

While somewhere out there

There was loving to share

But how is it you can ever choose?

Afraid that anytime of the day you might lose

And just as it snows, so everyone knows

That love is a rambling rose

Not knowing where it grows

Until one sunny day

She just happened my way

It was like the Sun shining through

For then in that instant I knew

That my day had come
And that she was the one

That I would give my heart to

Living life in a dream

Playing along to Bo’s theme

And finding out when to concede

When our two worlds disagreed.


Now the courting’s all done and I know what I’ve won

My new life has begun as two hearts beat as one


And now with all things to share

There are no more secrets left to declare

Wherever we go through the highs and the lows

Whichever way the wind blows, she knows

I‘ll always care through her joy and despair

To always be there, like a comfortable old chair

Surely it’s something quite rare

When you find your heart has all been laid bare

For it is then that you find your true peace of mind.

So now that this tale has all been spun

And this new chapter has now already begun

You will find us at home quite content on our own

A partnership grown Just like Darby and Joan

For once over that first hill

You’ll find time standing still

So how can I explain when it sounds so mundane

Perhaps to be fair it’s more like floating on air

Drifting as one with my Rose in the Sun

…….  to Bo’s theme.

Lyrics by
Rodd Sherwin
written to
BO'S THEME The Second Chapter
a melody from
composed by
Jacob Ladegaard.