Alone ….. always on my own

Sitting around a lonely home

This world is a great big place

Just miles and miles of empty space


Where do I begin, where do I fit in? 

Which way is best, is it East or West?

By word of mouth, or go North or South?

Perhaps I’ll guess, I could not care less

In this endless race, I’d go any place

So which way to go, only so I’d know

There’s a friendly face and a warm embrace

Where are all those open arms?


Lift up your eyes

For then you would surely  see

A world so full of opportunity

And there are many ripe red apples

Waiting to be plucked from that tree

But then when you are down

And always looking toward the ground

You are sure to pass them by

Now go…. and walk on fertile ground

Then take a look around

Through open doors

For then, you may come to see

How this all was meant to be?


Now there is no need for you to despair

Though grey skies may lurk out there

Look there’s one shining ray of light

That you should always keep in sight

It comes shining through, if you want it to

Like the morning dew, let it filter through

In this time and place, or in any case

It’s all up to you, as to what you do

Look now it’s free and sparkling off the sea

They’ll be all out there, in the sunlit air

Look behind that hill, don’t let time stand still

Don’t wait until - No don’t wait until - they’re gone.


Yes I know it’s true, it’s something I once knew

But it all went wrong, for I wasn’t strong

Now I count the cost, knowing what I’ve lost

Missing all those charms and her loving arms

Being put to test, in an empty nest

Crying tears of shame, knowing whose to blame

Could it be the same, if I tried again?

Scared of the pain, if it was all in vain ….

Still left walking all on my own

With no reason to go on home

Single footsteps along the sand

Someone walks on out there …. Alone.


Rodd Sherwin

Lyrics to ‘Alone’

an instrumental from


Jacob Ladegaad