Can you feel it

The cold winds blowing at our door

I fear they could be the bitter winds of war

The town bells are ringing

A death knell ringing

All the while just waiting for the call

Listening to the writing on the wall

They're calling out to our brave young men

Who are ready now to rally to that call

To the anthem played

And to those serried ranks arrayed

They're looking so handsome in their uniforms

While I am wishing it was all Just a charade

They're marched off through the town

Towards the waiting train.


So this is farewell

Please just farewell

Oh my dearest darling I pray thee -

Fare thee well

For you’ve gone far away, so very far away

While I’m left here, just waiting for the day

When you’ll be coming back and out of harms way

And so until then I just hope and pray

Each and every day, every single day

Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting 

And waiting for the telephone to ring
Or at least the mail to bring

Any little thing, Oh any little thing

Any thing to tell, that you are fairing well

If only time would tell, whatever may befell

Any news convey, or even come what may

Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting and waiting

For anything at all to while the time away

And so life carried on until the fateful day

A telegram to advise, my soldier's sad demise

Why Oh, Why Oh, Why Oh, Why

Just sorrow, sorrow, sorrow

And now to leave this cold world hollow, hollow

And it was with an empty heart

That had been slowly breaking from the start

Came that final curtain call

Among a very long list of names

And some meaningless acclaims

With just a folded flag and fading bugle call

That was to become my soldier’s last farewell.


No chance to cry or even say my last goodbye.

Lyrics by
Rodd Sherwin

'A Soldier's Farewell'

was written as an interpretation
of the music of JACOBS PIANO

‘A Farewell Melody’

Composed by Jacob Ladegaad