Here in the darkness

As Winter surrounds us

To sit round the fireside

And wish the long nights were all over

And the curtains no longer were drawn

Still wishing the long Winter was gone.


Then comes one morning

No more snow’s falling

No grey skies are forming

Out there something stirring

And through the soft snow

Green grass is growing

And everywhere assuming

The wild flowers are blooming

And up in the tall trees

Among their bare branches

The new leaves are budding

As the birds raise their nestlings

Below in green meadows

New lambs are gambolling

And through the clear air

Bright butterflies fluttering

While high in the cool sky

Come flying formations

Of the wild geese returning

With their honking and calling

Above the fresh orchards all smothered in blossom

Hearts beating faster

As halls fill with laughter

The whole World’s a theatre

A stage for your pleasure

All Nature has awoken

Although no words are spoken

Each performance a treasure

To attend at your leisure

Now out in the bright Sunshine

All work seems like playtime

And all through the daytime

The humming cicadas

Are echoing from woodlands

The rhythm resounding

While out in the clear fields

A gentle breeze is stirring

All the time the young girls are calling


And so on the hayride

She was smiling by his side

And all his good fortune was with him this night

The whole world he could see

Was just as it should be

And all his stars aligned so bright


Now the Spring time is over

And the morning’s more sober

Out in the hot sun

The work is much harder

Why did she go, did she go

Where ever could she go to

Why did she go, did she go, did she go?

Left wondering, wondering, wondering …

Wondering, wondering, wondering

If only he’d asked her

To share life ever after

How different his life may now be

And so left to ponder

On whether he’d lost her

Or if he was ever going to see her again

What was the answer

And would he ever find her

Why was he feeling forlorn, going on

Searching through those long Summer days

Now that all the Spring days are gone.


Rodd Sherwin

Written to the music of


‘A Spring Melody’

Composed by

Jacob Ladegaard

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